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Sod pallets in Windermere

Mulch delivery in the Windermere, Florida area.

For mulch delivery in Windermere, call 407-240-1023! We deliver Monday - Saturday or you can pick mulch up at our store 6 days a week!

Mulch is great cost effective ground cover in Windermere. We carry the most popular varieties:
Red and Gold mulch - Similar in shape, one is red, the other gold. Both are made of recycled wood.
Mini and large pine bark is a dark, natural mulch coming from pine trees.
Certified Playground mulch is available for special order. It is IPEMA certified, so you can use it for schools, day care, or your own backyard.

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Mulch types available for pickup or delivery

•Gold Cypress•
•Red Mulch•
•Mini Pine Bark•
•Large Pine Bark•

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Sod delivered to your door in Central Florida

We recommend laying mulch three inches deep, evenly across the ground. Some people spread a weed blocking fabric over the ground before soreading mulch to help delay weeds from growing. We sell this product by the roll.

The best Mulch in Windermere

Windermere based mulch delivery.

Mini Pine Bark Small pine bark, 1/2 inch.

Large Pine Bark Large pine bark, 1-2 inches.

Gold Cypress The classic gold mulch.

Red Mulch A died red mulch.

Certified Playground Mulch

Certified playground mulch